We have a 5-star rating!

We are extremely pleased to say that Ginger & Parsley has been awarded a 5-star food hygiene rating from the Ealing Council. It is a great recognition of our commitment to offer our customers the best possible high-quality meals, which food hygiene is an integral part of them. 


Ginger & Parsley has a 5-star Food Hygiene Rating


  • DEBBIE Nicholas


  • Kimberly

    That is definitely something to be proud of! Congrats on your rating!

    xo, Kimberly

  • babyfoote

    Well done; it’s such an important achievement. A five star hygiene rating can’t have been an easy thing to achieve, but it’s certainly something I look for in a food-serving establishment.

  • Helen

    That’s brilliant news – so reassuring for the customer!

  • Natalie Dickinson

    Yay! I know this feeling and what the pressure is like to get 5* – well done x

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