Hacks to make your life easier in the kitchen

Ginger & Parsley's kitchen hacks - update daily


We are sharing some time-saving hacks so to make your life in the kitchen a bit easier. A new hack is added daily, so bookmarked this page to check the latest hacks. 

You also have some amazing hacks, share them with us. 

Hack 1: How to extract the maximum amount of juice out of a lemon?

Boil it in water for 2 to 3 minutes and allow it to cool before squeezing.

Hack 2: How to get rid of the garlic smell on the hands? 

Wash them with mouthwash 

Garlic smell

Hack 3: Want to cut #onions without tears?

Cut them in half then soak them in cold water for five mins.
Hack 4: it is about garlic again! Chew parsley can get rid of garlic breath. Parsley contains a high level of chlorophyll, which acts as a natural breath freshener.
Hack 5: Have a hard-to-open jar? 

Try submerging the lid of the jar in hot water helps opening it, as the heat makes the metal of the lid expands.

Hack 6: Ripen fruit fast with rice.

How often do you feel frustrated when you want to make guacamole, and all the avocados in the shop are as hard as a rock? Now, this hack may help. Most fruits will speed up ripening when put into a container with rice, it is because rice produces ethylene gas which promotes ripening.

Hack 7:  To keep herbs (except basil) fresh, submerge the herbs in a container filled with water & stored in the fridge. Change the water every day can keep the herbs last even longer. 


Hack 8: To avoid cooking potatoes unevenly, put them in a pot of cold water first before bringing to a boil. This way the potatoes are cooked evenly inside out. 

Cooking hacks - how to cook potatoes


Hack 9: Don't throw Parmesan rinds away.

Freeze them! Wait until you have a few and boil them for 2 hours to make a cheese broth. The broth can be used for soup, sauce and risotto for extra flavours.

Hack 10: Having problems making a smooth hummus?

Once boiled, remove the chickpeas' skin and blend the beans while they are still warm. 

Ginger & Parsley's tips in making smooth hummus.

Hack 11: How to make sure the colour of your soup super green?

When making soup using parsley, watercress or broccoli, plunge them into ice-cold water immediately after cooking, once they are cold, drain them. This sets the colour to vibrant green.