Chicken meat balls with 7 veggies

Chicken meat balls with 7 veggies

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Who doesn't like meatballs? This chicken meatballs dish has hidden 7 different types of veggies in it. If you also count garlic, there is 8 veggies in it!


Free-range chicken, organic tomatoes, rice, organic cauliflower, egg, organic courgette, organic leeks, organic celery, organic sultana, organic onion, organic garlic, bay leaf. 


  • Each portion is 650g and comfortably serves two children. 

Reheating instructions:

  • Using microwave (preferred method)
  1. Pierce a few holes on the film lid. Set the microwave on full power
  2. Reheat for 4 minutes then remove the film
  3. Remove the lid, stir gently and re-cover
  4. Reheat for a further 4 minutes
  5. Please allow 1 minute for the meal to rest in the microwave before taking it out.
  •  Using oven
  1. Reheat oven to 220 degrees (with fan)
  2. Pierce a few holes on the film lid, place in the centre of the heated oven
  3. Reheat for 55 minutes

Although this dish is cooked without gluten-containing ingredients, it is prepared in a kitchen that also handles gluten.